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AI Tech Summit




Malaga, Spain


April 17-18, 2024


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Join the AI Revolution

Join us at the AI Tech Summit 2024, where you can witness the cutting-edge advancements in Artificial Intelligence with industry leaders and visionaries. This tech event offers a unique opportunity to understand the transformative power of AI.  

From transforming healthcare to creating sustainable solutions, AI's mind-blowing potential is more visible than ever. You'll get to explore how AI impacts diverse industries like automotive, banking, engineering, telecommunications, fashion, and more. You'll also gain insights into the ethical considerations shaping the responsible development of AI technology.

This summit is your opportunity to build valuable connections and collaborate across different industries, giving you a competitive edge in the AI market. Get ready to be inspired by captivating keynote speeches and engaging panel discussions driving the AI revolution.

We eagerly await your presence at the "AI Tech Summit" from 17-18 April in Malaga. Prepare to be amazed by what the future of AI holds! 


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