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All of our products/business units are developed with the aim of tackling three of the main concerns in the current cloud market - cost, transparency, and accessibility.


Our Infrastructure Eco-System

We own and manage our HPC and GPU infrastructure, with all of our products powered by renewable energy.

Our GPU eco-system sits upon the Infrahub network, a powerful set of APIs at developer level which manage our GPU-accelerated infrastructure. Hyperstack is the platform layer of our GPUaaS network, which is available to end-users, through hyperstack.cloud.

Our Products

Cut overheads without compromising on equipment or power. We give you the competitive edge you need to succeed within this fast-growing market with our GPUaaS platform.
Using industry standard protocols that are compatible with a wide range of automation tools, our customers, suppliers and partners can use the InfraHub API to build, maintain and manage their GPU cloud assets.
NGVP is our decentralised storage project, providing over 80 Petabytes of data over the Filecoin Network. Since Filecoin’s inception NGVP has not only been creating significant amounts of storage for the network but has also been supporting its creators Protocol Labs with finding large operators of data to bring to the network and building out new efficient ways to onboard it.

Get in touch with us

We answer all email and requests as they come in.