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NexGen Cloud is a sustainable European cloud IaaS, specialising in building large scale HPC and GPU infrastructure powered by state-of-the-art NVIDIA hardware.
We offer our GPU-as-a-Service (GPUaaS) through the Hyperstack platform, with a vision to become the world’s number one supplier of GPUaaS solutions.


First-Mover in Europe

NexGen Cloud commands a global presence with a first-mover advantage in Europe. We have built one of the largest GPU fleets on the continent, fortified by the ownership of the most in-demand chips in the world, including sought-after NVIDIA H100s. We are on a mission to democratise the accessibility of accelerated compute on a global scale by building a safer, greener, and more affordable cloud.

Green Cloud

We believe in a sustainable, carbon emission-free future – our infrastructure is in upper tier Data Centres and powered 100% by renewable energy.

Our Products

Hyperstack is a European GPU-as-a-Service cloud platform, offering NexGen Cloud’s Enterprise-grade infrastructure to end-users and businesses around the globe, in a 75% more cost-effective manner.
Using industry standard protocols that are compatible with a wide range of automation tools, our customers, suppliers and partners can use the InfraHub API to build, maintain and manage their cloud assets.


We partner with the best suppliers in the world to consistently deliver an ever-growing network of the most cutting-edge and in-demand infrastructure through Hyperstack, an easy-to-use platform with Enterprise-grade features.
Our commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction enables us to deliver these solutions while minimising disruptions caused by component shortages.

Who we serve

Affordable and Efficient GPU Cloud Computing Power for a Range of Industries.
Artificial Intelligence
Our GPUs can be tailored to any AI and machine learning project and we can scale the specifications accordingly to your needs.
Deep Analytics
Our GPUs help turn big data into bitesize information with real-time analytics and deep analytics.
Video Rendering
Whether you work with VFX, CGI, 3D modelling, VR or motion graphics, we can save you time and free up your hardware.
Cloud-Based Medical Imaging
New research technologies are on the rise, and our cloud GPUs are well equipped to handle all of these workloads.
Computer Aid Engineering
CAE can run simulations faster, discover faults sooner, and make well-informed decisions more efficiently than ever before.
Material Science
Fields like quantum chemistry to run and test simulations when developing materials and new pharmaceuticals.

We're Building Tomorrow's Future, Today


Pioneers of Decentralised Storage and Web 3

We have built the largest Decentralised Infrastructure project in Europe, and are ranked number 1 in reputation in the world. Ever-committed to supporting future technologies, we are helping to pave the way for Web 3.

Get in touch with us

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