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Read the letter from our dynamic co-founder and CEO of NexGen Cloud,
Chris Starkey, to better understand our values,  direction, and achievements to date.

Chris Starkey
A letter from our CEO
NexGen Cloud is bringing a new approach to cloud computing. Our projects are multi-purpose and are built with the aim of tackling three of the main concerns in the current cloud market – cost, transparency, and accessibility.
We’re not just securing our business’ future, but the future of technological progress; our tagline “Improving Today, Building Tomorrow”, explains our mission at its core. We are a pioneering cloud business; we’re not just working on improving on today’s existing solutions – we’re building a whole foundation to support the future of the web.
Industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Metaverse, and Omniverse are all growing at a pace we’ve never seen before – and they all require an extraordinary amount of computational power.
Improving Today, building Tomorrow.
Chris Starkey
Today, the cloud industry is dominated by three companies: Microsoft, Amazon and Google, but these legacy cloud providers cannot keep up with the growing demand of AI. Their legacy hardware makes up most of their infrastructure, so in many cases they don’t have enough power to service these newer markets, even though they’ve invested billions of dollars into their hardware to date. They need a bigger quantity of more powerful computers.
That’s the tech industry for you...
With their traditional business models, the big three cloud providers cannot simply change direction and leave behind billions in infrastructure already deployed. They will, and already are, migrating to better solutions; but it’s like turning a super tanker around – it takes time.
This, in turn, is fuelling spending growth as the current mainstream public platforms are hiking prices on what is available, making it nearly impossible for some SMEs with lower budgets to be competitive.
While the big three companies begin eliminating their profit margins by re-investing into the infrastructure that they require to play catch-up, we’ve come up with a better model – one that suits the fast-paced tech landscape and allows us to grow without incrementing debt.
This has allowed us to scale-up our infrastructure in record-time. Not only are we using it to support future technologies, but we are using it to support the growth of current competitive software solutions that don’t have the facilities to keep up with their own demand.
We are no longer a start-up.
We’re a Scale-up.
Chris Starkey
We have traction in every one of our business’ verticals and have spent the past two years proving these models without pushing to achieve huge revenue growth – instead using this time to improve margins, develop our supply chains, and build out our solutions.
We are no longer a start-up. We’re a scale up.
Kind regards,

Christopher Starkey
CEO, NexGen Cloud